Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today the sun is shining in it's full glory. It almost feels like Spring has arrived- the Magnolia tree is full of buds, robins are all over the yard, our first hen is broody- sort of, and the grass is growing. I spent the morning just sitting with the sheep in their respective pastures, watching them run and play as I soaked up some much needed sunshine. Drivers were honking and waving at me as I sat on my little stool in the middle of the pasture. A mother  slowed down in her car to point the sheep out to her child. I love how excited people are about urban livestock and lambs aren't even here yet.

My second post on the Urban Farm Hub blog is here! There has been a lot of positive feedback, people love reading about sheep in the city. Other blogs are even linking my post. The question I've heard most after yesterday's post was about city ordinances that allow or disallow sheep in the city. The best information I'm able to provide is to go to your city or county's official website and do a search for livestock ordinances. The City of Seattle changed many of their ordinances around urban farming in 2010, so head to their website for more details.

I'm hoping to get one step closer to seed starting this afternoon by compiling a list of seeds we'd like to order from each seed catalogue -to make sure there are no duplicates- then double checking with the family to see about any last minute additions before orders are placed. I need to track down a nice sized seed heating mat that isn't so expensive. I understand they're a must but sometimes the prices feel a little over the top. I just want to be growing food already. I know... patience.

Here's to more sun!


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