Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ginkgo and Jared's bird

Summer has arrived according to the calendar but the weather continues to feel a lot like Spring. 

The growing continues...

Pea blossoms

Pea pods

Bean Blossoms

Potato leaves

Ripe strawberry, there are a lot of them

Almost there

Curly garlic scapes

Romaine lettuce, or as I call it, tonight's dinner.

Carrots are coming along... are the beets.

A little succession planting

One garden bed still waiting for soil and plants

Last Thursday morning, our second lamb was born. A ram lamb named Yorick, weighing in at 7 lbs. 

Yorick, resting in the grass while mom eats her breakfast

So cute! 

Last Friday, another ram lamb, Yarrow, weighing in at 8.25 lbs, arrived.

Yarrow, snuggling in Jared's arms

Thinking about making a run for it

Ylfa is 3 weeks old today! She's quick on her feet and very head strong. 

Jared and Ylfa

She's a big girl, eating breakfast with the rest of the ewes. 

Post-breakfast nap

I think we'll have a little break before more lambs arrive, so we trimmed hooves and de-wormed on Sunday then moved the girls and their lambs to a new pasture area yesterday in order to mow and give the other pasture a rest. 

Iris gets a hoof trim courtesy of Jared and the Premier1 Hoof Trimming Chair

 It's time to start thinking about how to manage the pastures through the upcoming Winter and who will go into what breeding group once November rolls around. 

Butterscotch, will she be our next mom? 

Isolde, making the most of sheep breakfast

Iris and Butterscotch, always together

Thistle, scratching an itch

One of our young flocks of chickens has been relocated to the sheep pasture to become a part of our multi-species grazing plan. 

Go chickens!

Meanwhile the rams continue to live the bachelor life in John's pasture...

Tyr, living free and easy

Ithaqua, saying "howdy".

Here's to a wonderful Summer! 


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