Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Farm vs. The Weather

The cold, sunny days have moved into slightly warmer, drizzly days. The nice hard ground has thawed back into mushy, muddy wet ground. The sheep at our place have moved again into the chicken run as there is no longer beautiful sun to bask in. They spend the day lounging in the alfalfa stalks, chewing their cud, as the chickens scratch around them, at some points taking the time to pick some piece of vegetable matter out of a sheep's wool. The Icelandics living on John's pasture in Renton are now using the portable shelter, the ground no longer shows where the frost fell around them as they slept last night in that lush green, now previously frozen grass.  While I look forward to Spring, something about the cold, sunny days makes me feel renewed. Being outside is refreshing and the ground feeling solid under my feet feels forgiving, not like the mud giving way at each step I take. What a change 5 or 10 degrees can make.

In the perpetual game of The Farm vs. The Weather, I know the weather will always win.


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