Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I'm sure most farmers weren't watching the ball drop in Times Square or out drinking champagne in silly hats last night. 
We were in bed by 10 O'clock, and up by 7.  Since it has been only 20 degrees, we had to swap out frozen chicken waterers and break up the ice in the watering troughs.  Since our remote sites are self-contained, we don't have outside electric- so no extension cords and trough heaters! 
After the actual "work" of chores is done, it's nice to sit back and just watch the animals to see how they are doing in the weather- seeing the bare spots on the ground where the sheep have bedded down for the night (you would think sheep would huddle together for warmth- they don't) and the frost on their outer wool, and watching the chickens peck scattered grain off ground that is too hard to scratch.
The cold seems to have made all the animals more gregarious, walking up and looking straight at you like "can we come in the house now?"


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